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Wikileaks-Opinion piece

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Deaths, destruction, murder. Wiki leaks may have exposed the truth but it is more like a hit and run leaving the public suspicious, wounded and left with a mass of unanswered questions and collateral damage. The aftermath of the media war involving Julian Assange and Wiki leaks has caused an outbreak of distrust when it comes to the government.

   Backdoor deals and brutal murders have been exposed leaving the audience to wonder what else the government has been hiding and how far the government will go to keep their most precious and scandalous secrets hidden. The tightening of national security only leaves the public to wonder what is worse than what they have already found. The relationship between the public and the government has been ripped to shreds as any trust has been turned into a thread of suspicion and leads to questions of security, wellbeing of the country and how the country is being represented in other countries.

Although the exposure should enlighten the public it alternatively crashed into a wall of disgust and betrayal as the country hides actions and decisions that are made regarding politics and warfare. The intention of Wiki leaks was to expose the government’s secrets but has turned into a double-edged sword as it has lead to the audience recalling how they have been mislead through history.


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Youtube has allowed people from all around the world to interact and engage. The difference of youtube to other sites is the ability to upload videos, like, share, parody and discuss different issues in society. Everything from discovering new artists to protests in unstable countries, connecting and sharing opinions and views is made possible by one site. If this is possible now, the developments in to next 10 to 20 years will create more opportunities for ordinary people.

The fact that youtube allows anyone and everyone to interact and be involved expands the range of topics and conversations. It eliminates the problem of space and creates opportunities for collaboration, debate and discussion.

Youtube has changed motive in a way as it has changed from a personal archive to broadcasting yourself. It allows the break down of barriers such as language, stereotypes, distance, education and lack of exposure. Events all over the world are able to be shared and experienced by others. Society is made aware of different issues whether its in politics, entertainment or issues of the environment.

The public is able to share issues and information that may not have otherwise been shared. There is how-to’s for almost any problem, updates about gossip, sport, weather, fashion and other topics of interest.

The other avenue youtube has opened is the access to news and the way it has affected media and business. For example,the music industry. Most aspiring artists find it hard to get a record deal but now producers are looking online for their talents and many success stories are found from youtube. The most known success story is Justin Bieber who started by singing songs and covers of artists on youtube. 

However many other success stories have come out of youtube. Brooke Brodack is seen as the ‘first real youtube star” gaining opportunities from her crazy antics while ‘Crank that’ which was made and streamed through youtube got a grammy nomination. Many others like her have taken advantage of opportunities that may not have been possible without youtube.

Basically youtube opens up new opportunities,discussions and access to information that otherwise might not have been available and also connecting everyone across the world.